Maps and other resources

World maps

The Known World, c.a. 132 FA

Geographic maps

Near Harad at the time of The Harnendor Campaign 65-69 FA
The Gap Of Rohan 158 FA
Northern Ithilien and Morannon 161 FA
Caras Fain 166 FA
Pellanor Square, Caras Fain 169 FA
Ithilduin Vale and Cirith Ungol 170 FA
Pelargir and the Lower Sirith Riverlands 170 FA

Locale maps

The Stone Clock, Ithilien
Old Harbourmasters’ Building, Harlond
Caras Leberas and the Talazkhûn Camp
Drevik’s Wood and Pulp, Caras Fain
Valley Of Troll Rocks, Ithilien